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The Story Behind The Music

Kyle Tazewell, aka “K-Tazzy” is an American producer and songwriter from South Carolina by way of New Jersey. Since the beginning, both Hip-hop and R&B have been an important part of his career. Inspired by artists such as Drake, Bon Iver, Kanye West, Travis Scott and others, his music is a product of both catchy lyricism and innovative production.

His love for music production began his junior  year of high school when he was introduced to music software programs Logic X and Pro Tools in his Music Technology class. Shortly thereafter he found himself producing tracks almost every day after school. After purchasing a Casio CTK-6250 he began to teach himself how to sample and eventually released an 8 track EP, Summer17 via SoundCloud. It was after this accomplishment that he wanted to continue to self-produce all of his projects.

His latest single Dawn and Dusk shows just how far he has come in a short amount of time as both an artist and producer. His use of synthesizers, drum machines, and samples have always helped him explore and reach new musical heights and fuse them together like on his 2019 debut EP, Ninety-Eight. Which begins with a spacey introduction that quickly turns into rap that is both braggadocious and carefree in the beginning but by Public Figures we see him address the importance of caution. His second EP, Only Four is more R&B focused as we see Tazzy’s use of melodies while showcasing themes of heartbreaks and betrayal. By Vibe Freestyle he just wants to enjoy what's happening in the present “in case tomorrow never ever shows”.

His most popular single Waffle Bottoms shows the potential and versatility he has as a new and emerging artist with a catchy hook and a tempo that has fans and listeners alike, moving to the beat.

His vast amount of remixes and experimental EP’s Summer Tunes Vol. 1, Sample Pack Vol. 1, and Home via SoundCloud are used as a testing ground and helps him gain inspiration for his next musical idea. These releases have only garnered him a vast amount of plays, and also showing that he’s always exploring new sounds and trying to elevate himself, not only as an artist but also as a producer.

He’s recently collaborated with other artists both in South Carolina and New Jersey. K-Tazzy has been featured on projects Zero F***ing Skips by Greggyboy and Global Language by Jimmer Millions. 

As of lately Tazzy has been posting snippets of what seems to be either his next EP or single via Instagram live and Twitter. Even though he personally hasn’t announced anything, fans are ready to hear the new content he’s been teasing them with.

  As the future unfolds K-Tazzy continues to prove that he’s not going away anytime soon, each new release writes a new chapter for him as both an artist and producer all while giving his fans a unique musical experience. His mantra of being a self-producing artist that can blend genres together helps him reach both new audiences and new heights.

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