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Hip hop and R&B artist, producer and songwriter.

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Kyle Tazewell, aka “K-Tazzy” is an American producer and songwriter from South Carolina by way of New Jersey. Since the beginning, both Hip-hop and R&B have been an important part of his career. Inspired by artists such as Drake, Bon Iver, Kanye West, Travis Scott and others, his music is a product of both catchy lyricism and innovative production.

His latest single Dawn and Dusk showed his versatility as both an artist and a producer. His integrity and commitment to finding new ways to fuse genres is what helps set his work apart. His self-produced 2019 debut EP, Ninety-Eight, showcased the influences of both synthesizers and trap styles on K-Tazzy’s music. The following year he released another self-produced EP, Only Four, that demonstrated elaborate production with a blend of both R&B and Hip-Hop influences. Only Four continued to showcase K-Tazzy’s growth as both a producer and songwriter.

His most popular single Waffle Bottoms shows the potential and versatility he has as a new and emerging artist.        

His remixes and experimental EP’s, Summer Tunes Vol. 1, Sample Pack Vol. 1, and Home, available via SoundCloud has not only garnered him a vast amount of plays, they also show that he’s always exploring new sounds and trying to elevate himself, not only as an artist but also as a producer.    

He’s recently collaborated with other artists both in South Carolina and New Jersey. K-Tazzy has been featured on projects, Zero F***ing Skips by Greggyboy and Global Language by Jimmer Millions.   

As the future unfolds K-Tazzy continues to prove that he’s not going away anytime soon, each new release writes a new chapter for him as both an artist and producer all while giving his fans a unique musical experience.

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Want to learn more about K-Tazzy, or book him for your next venue? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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